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We are a new church in the East Orlando / UCF area that launched on February 3, 2013.  Our purpose is to fulfill the commands of Jesus Christ by helping people on the journey of becoming followers of Christ (making disciples). Disciples of Christ are people of faith, people of hope, and people of love. If you are just starting your own journey of faith, we can help you get started by getting connected with Jesus Christ and joining our little part of the body of Christ. 

From the Journey Blog...

  • Thanksliving

    A number of years ago I read a story (from a reliable source) that really struck me. It was about a man named Nat Spencer, a student in a city situated on the Great Lakes. Spencer was walking near the water on a very cold stormy night.

  • From the Cemetery

    “An oasis in the middle of a desert…” That was my thought this past Saturday as I walked around the cemetery where my daughter is buried. I was struck by all the colorful flowers in this place of death. It is that way every Easter, and I am always quieted by the implications.

  • Anticipatory Glory

    This past Sunday we had an opportunity to reflect on what I called, “Anticipatory Glory”, i.e. thinking about eternity and paying attention to what happens in our soul. I would like to continue thinking about that together this week.

  • Celebrating One Year

    For just about as long as humans have been alive, we have celebrated important events. Whether in our personal, national or international lives, marking an event with a celebration is an important way to honor its impact and how it has shaped us and the world in which we live. We mark the anniversary of someone’s birth with a birthday party.

  • Reflections about the Journey

    I've done quite a bit of hiking in my life. One thing I've discovered is that while maps are useful and oft times needful-they can also be a hindrance. A map tends to distract your focus from the journey of your hike and places it upon the destination you are trying to reach.

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